Board of the Research Center in European Law


Elvira Mendez Pinedo, Professor in European Law, is the Chairman of the Board of the Research Center in European Law which is integrated within the Law Institute of the University of Iceland. She joined the Faculty in 2007 as an Assistant Professor. Having worked for different institutions in Europe and in the USA, she is a qualified professional in the field of European law (EC and EEA law). Her latest research focuses on the protection of individual rights and the application and enforcement of EU and EEA law. She has published in September 2009 the book: EU and EEA Law; A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of European Law. Groningen, Europa Law Publishing. She has also published other monographies and articles in specialised magazines and offers regularly lectures in the field of European law.

Stefán Már StefánssonStefán Már Stefánsson, board member. Stefán, professor, has been a member of the Law Faculty since 1975. He has served as Dean of the Faculty on two occasions. He is one of the leading specialists in European law in Iceland and has written a large number of books and articles in this field. Together with European law, he is also specialist in Competition law, Procedural law and Company law.



Dóra Guðmundsdóttir, board member. Dóra is an  Adjunct Professor of the Faculty of Law of the University of Iceland. She is a qualified specialist in European law, having completed Master´s degrees in European law and in International Law. She is currently pursuing Ph.D. studies in European law in the University of Cambridge. She was deputy judge for the EFTA Court during 2000-2007 and has served as assistant of the Icelandic judge at the EFTA Court during 1995-1999.She has been lecturer of the Faculty during 2000-2006 and lecturer of the University of Bifröst during 2004-2008. She has written many articles in the field of European law both in Iceland and in Europe. She holds regularly conferences in the field of EC and EEA law in Iceland.

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