Constitutional Law. Foundations and holders of state power. Scope and limits of competence

Háskóli ÍslandsAbout the study
An academic publication about basic concepts and characteristics of the Icelandic Constitution and the scope and competence of holders of state power under the Constitution of the Republic of Iceland, no. 33/1944 and unwritten constitutional principles. The study is in the field of domestic constitutional law but has strong links with other disciplines relevant to the system of governance and the theory of democracy, especially political and stjórnspeki, as well as comparative perspective with other European constitutions. The plan is to issue academic publication on the subject in early 2015.

The book was published in August 2015, 769 pages by Codex publishing, Reykjavík. 

A detailed abstract in English can be found here.

The Research fund of the University of Iceland, Úlfljótur research fund and the research fund of Bjarni Benediktsson.


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