Criminal penalties outside prisons in the Nordic countries

Háskóli ÍslandsAbout the study
For the longest part of the last century legislative cooperation between the Nordic countries in the field of criminal law was effective and criminal legislation and criminal politics are also similar. Exception from that have been rules on the use of various sanctions outside the prison and have developed quite different in each country. The study (Samfundssanktioner i Norden) focuses on penalties outside prisons in the Nordic countries and they compared. The study aims to shed light on the aforesaid difference and whether the criminal policies in each Nordic country is so similar that it can be classified it as one and the same, or whether it is more appropriate to compare the countries individually with other European countries. 

Results of the study were published in Nordisk Tidsskrift for Kriminalvidenskab, June 2001, Vol 88. nr. 2 Tema: Samfundssanktioner i Norden. 

Research director, dr. jur. Britta Kyvsgaard, Ministry of Justice, Copenhagen; director, associate professor dr. jur. Tapio Lappi-Seppälä, Rättspolitiska forskning Institute, Helsinki; dr. Polit. Paul Larsson, Oslo; Jane Dull, Institute for Criminologi, University of Oslo; professor, jur. dr. Per Ole Träskman, Law Institute, Lunds University and Ragnheiður Bragadóttir professor.

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