Externally funded research positions

At the Law Institute one research position is operated 2014-2015 with one researcher in the field of financial markets and surveillance, see here.

In the years 2005-2012 two research positions were operated; their employees only did research in specified fields of resource law, a legal field that the Law Institute and the Faculty of Law of the University of Iceland have specially emphasized in recent years in teaching and research. The Faculty of Law offers a special LL.M. in Resource Law and International Environmental Law.

The research projects focused on the Icelandic fisheries management system and the electric energy system, areas that have become more and more important legally and economically for the Icelandic economy. It was therefore important to analyze the legal development of the Icelandic fisheries management system and, on the basis of tenable premises, shed light on constitutional issues regarding the Icelandic fisheries management system as well as the fisheries management systems of other states.

It was no less important to research Icelandic legislation on electric energy and the legislation of the European Union, to systematically map the legal status of Icelandic companies and the possibilities for sales and distribution.


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