Law Institute book series

Information about the research book series:

The Law Institute at the University of Iceland has since 2005 published a series of books. The objective is to publish longer academic essays on legal matters, which are less likely to appear in the traditional law journals such as the Icelandic Law Journal and Úlfljótur, the Law Journal of The Law Students Association. 

The purpose of the series, is thus primarily intended to make available material which has theoretical and practical value for lawyers and others, but would perhaps not be released otherwise. It is also expected that work which is the result of research in law and needed e.g. for teaching but not in it´s final version or ready for final publishing, will be published in the series. This is common pracice in legal research in the Nordic countries.

12th Edition - On proof in criminal cases, second edition

11th Edition - The authority of European law: Explopring primacy of EU law and effect of EEA law from European and Icelandic perspectives

10th Edition - Double taxation treaties and European tax rules

9th Edition - The Nation and Fishing Quotas: On the Icelandic Fisheries Management System 1991-2010 and Constitutional Issues

8th Edition – Rules of law on greenhouse gas emissions

7th Edition - Review of decisions affecting the environment

6th Edition - Legal History of Fisheries from Settlement through 1990

5th Edition – Electronic processing of personal information during handling of administrative matters

4th Edition - On proof in criminal cases

3rd Edition - Sexual offenses

2nd Edition – Transfer pricing

1st Edition – Additional demands of contractors in project agreements

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