Research Institute in European Law

Research Institute in European Law- University of Iceland

The Research Institute in European Law is integrated within the Law
Institute and the Faculty of Law of the University of Iceland. The main
goal of the Institute is to promote research in the field of European
Law (both EU and EEA Law), produce publications in the area, disseminate
knowledge both in Iceland and in Europe, promote information and public
discussion about the European legal order and the European integration
from an Icelandic perspective.

Apart from publishing current research of the professors of the
Faculty, the Institute develops research projects and networks with
other institutes and universities offering an opportunity for Law
students to participate in research projects. It constitutes a platform
for Icelandic and European researchers and professors to work together
on issues relating to the European integration. It aims to promote
academic discussions from a critical approach, building a bridge of
dialogue and exchange of knowledge between Iceland and Europe.

The Research Institute in European Law aims to promote collaboration
for research and teaching in European law with all professors and
researchers in Iceland and in the world who are interested in pursuing
common research in different sectors of the European  or Icelandic legal
orders relevant to the European integration. It has developed a network
of collaboration with different universities and institutes in Europe.
This network is always open to further expansion as the Institute can be
contacted freely in order to take part in other European research

Research and publications in the field of European Law produced in
Iceland are integrated within the curricula of the courses taught at the
Faculty. The main goal is to provide Icelandic and international
students with the latest knowledge in the field of EU and EEA law from
an Icelandic perspective.

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