Financial markets and surveillance

Financial markets and surveilanceThe project involves, among other things, to look into priorities and approach of the supervision of financial markets and whether and how priorities are possible with such monitoring. Methodology in legislation and government directives on financial markets will be investigated and with emphasis on whether and what can be improved in the current legislation. On of the things looked into will be whether it is possible to establish a clearer working environment for financial institutions and the financial regulatory. Through membership of the EEA Agreement, Iceland implements various directives related to the financial markets. When assessing the best ways of implementing such rules in Icelandic law, it is desirable that the Icelandic authorities are informed about the different ways neighboring countries use when implementing similar rules.

Arnaldur Hjartarson lawyer, LL.M. and adjunct professor at the Law Faculty, investigates the Icelandic financial market and legislation on financial institutions and regulators.

Arnaldur graduated with a master's degree from the University of Iceland in 2008 and received his license as a district court attorney that same year. He studied law at Yale University 2012-2013 and graduated with an LL.M. degree. Arnaldur previously worked as a Supreme Court Judge assistant  and at the Financial Supervisory Authority.

His office is no. 311 in Lögberg, the Law Faculty´s house,  e-mail: and phonenumber +534 525 5189.

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