Structure of electric energy affairs

Margrét Gudlaugsdóttir, lawyer, held a research position at the University of Iceland's Institute of Law 2009-2010. She worked on research projects in the field of energy affairs regarding electric energy legislation in Iceland and Europe. She has been a P.hD. student at the University of Heidelberg since 2010.

The research involved the changes made the last several years in the structure of energy affairs in Iceland. For the most part they are rooted in the European Union's directive on joint rules for an internal market with electric energy, in addition to related legislation.

Iceland has a certain special status in electric energy affairs since its electric energy system is completely isolated from those of other countries; in addition, the proportion of renewable energy sources in Iceland is extremely high. Among other things, the goal of the research is to investigate the effect of the European Union's legislation on the structure of electric energy affairs in Iceland, in light of this special status.


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