Retshjælp i Norden - Nordisk Konference

Law Institute´s Nordic conference  on Legal Aid in civil cases in the Nordic countries.

Date and venue: 5 September 2014, 13.00-18.00 at the Nordic House, Sturlugata 5, Reykjavík.
In cooperation withThe Ministry of the Interior and the Icelandic Bar Association, with the support  from the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic House.

Here you can watch the conference: 1. part2. part3. part.

Experts from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland will demonstrate the legislation and practice in each country. Experienced lawyers from the same countries, will discuss their experiences from the view of Legal Aid Grantees and what improvements should be made in legislation and practice in their opinion.

Specific issues, such as whether others than individuals have the right to Legal Aid, whether there is a financial limit on Legal Aid and whether Legal Aid Grantees are obliged to pay a certain part of the legal cost, will be addressed. Strategies and prospects of the future will also be discussed, such as e.g. is pressure to save money on Legal Aid?


Below are links to each countries legislation in English and/or their native language:

Denmark - In English here.
Finland - In Swedish, here and here. In English, here and here.
Iceland - In Danish, here.
Norway - In Norwegian here. In English here.
Sweden - In Swedish here. In English here.

Astrid Mavrogenis &  Casper Sølbeck (Denmark)
Jouko PelkonenMerja Muilu (Finland)
Wenche Bjørland & Magnhild Pape Meringen (Norway)
Karin Winter (Sweden)
Ása Ólafsdóttir & Þyrí Steingrímsdóttir (Iceland)

Deadline for registration is September 2ndno admission fee and open to all. For registration send an e-mail to:


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