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Framework agreements as tools of efficiency in public procurement: Challenges and opportunities

Tími: Miðvikudagur 19. október 2016.
Kennari: Dr. Marta Andrecka lektor við Centre for Enterprise Liability, Lagadeild Kaupmannahafnarháskóla.
Staðsetning: Nánar auglýst síðar.

Skráning - Námskeið haldið í samvinnu við Ríkiskaup.

Um námskeiðið
The provision on framework agreements has been introduced into European Union Law in 2004. Since then framework agreements have gained popularity and importance on the European Union public tender market. Nevertheless, the use of frameworks poses significant legal and practical challenges, necessitating the clarification of the governing rules and the introduction of further guidelines. Unfortunately, clarifications were not fully provided in the new Directive 2014/24/EU. This workshop will present legal loopholes and uncertainties that occur during public procurement framework agreements as a result of current EU rules and national practices in Denmark and the United Kingdom. The presentation will highlight the need for clarification of the existing rules and need for the introduction of transparency to the subsequent call-off stage of framework agreements.

Key benefits
As a result of attending this workshop participants will:

  • Gain an insight into framework agreements and the provisions regulating them.,
  • Understand the different types of frameworks and their potentials and challenges
  • Recognise the critical importance of appropriate design and management of frameworks

Topics to be covered include:

  • EU procurement law and framework agreements
  • Centralisation/decentralisation and frameworks
  • Technology, innovation and frameworks
  • Policy deliveries and frameworks

Dr Marta Andrecka is an Assistant Professor/PhD/Master of Laws at the Centre for Enterprise Liability, Faculty of Law, Copenhagen University as well as public procurement consultant. Dr Andrecka specialises in procurement practises, research and academia across the profession. Dr Andrecka has provided independent insight to key projects, amongst others, for the European Commission, Danish Institute for Human Rights, Swedish Purchasing Consortium, Public Procurement Analysis (London) and Rambøll Management Consulting (Copenhagen) and multiple universities. Dr. Andrecka is also the co-founder of Scientific Support for PPP in Poland.

Before taking up her present position she conducted a PhD and fellowship at Aarhus University in Denmark and performed a research stay at Murdoch University, Western Australia. Marta undertakes teaching and research in public procurement law, Public-Private Partnerships and European Union Law. Throughout her projects she gained in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects of public procurement in regards to framework agreements, sustainable procurement, complex contracts as well as centralization of the procurement.

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