LibrarySince 2003 the Institute of Law has organized the publication of several extensive scholarly works. The institute has also published a research paper series since 2005. The goal of the series is to publish longer scholarly treatises on legal subjects that are less suited to being published in traditional legal journals.

Publication of the series is thus primarily intended to present material having scholarly and practical value for lawyers and others that would perhaps not otherwise be published. It is also assumed that working papers that are the product of research on the law, but not prepared for final publication, will also be in the series. Such publication is known at the research institutes of law in other Nordic countries. Publication is occasional rather than regular.

The publication of scholarly writings is as follows:
•    Lögberg - Writings of the Institute of Law 2003
•    Legal dictionary with explanations 2008
•    Lagasýn- netbók eftir Pál Sigurðsson (Legal Vision – an Internet book by Páll Sigurdsson) 2009
•    Afmælisrit Lagadeildar Háskóla Íslands  (Anniversary Issue of the Faculty of Law of the University of Iceland) 2009

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