Union citizenship

Union citizenship and the right to free movement and residence within the European Union

Union Citizenship

About the research

The research is a part of a bigger project about Union citizenship. The research is about the right to free movement and residence within the European Union, but that right is concidered to be the core of Union citizenship.

Purpose and objective

The main purpose of the research is to reveal what norms the Court of the European Union uses to solve clashes between free movement and residence according to Article 21 of the Lisbon Treaty on the one hand and the legislation of the member states about the residence of foreigners and their admittion to the welfare system on the other hand.

It is claimed, that the court uses norms which are based on the concept of unity which can be lead from the European Union legislation. These norms lead to in some cases, that rules based on unity in the member state, have to give way to the rules of the European Union. This does, however, not always lead to that the rules of the member states have to give way.

Dóra Guðmundsóttir, LL.M., adjunct at the Law Faculty of the University of Iceland is collaborating in the research

The research is co-operation with a work group at Cambridge University and was a part of a discussion at the research conference, University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES) in September 2011.

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